If you want to trick foreign video services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer into thinking you’re a local, try a simple web browser plug-in. The beauty of these browser plug-ins is that unlike proxy servers and virtual private networks, they don’t slow down your internet connection when accessing foreign content. Both Media Hint and Hola offer Chrome and Firefox plug-ins, adding a button to your browser to make it easy to switch the plug-in on and off.
– Adam Turner,


If all you need a VPN for is consuming video content overseas, you might be better off with Media Hint. Unlike a traditional VPN, Media Hint is a Chrome browser extension that you install with no configuration required.
– Ian Paul, PCWorld


Yes You Can Pay To Access Netflix In Australia. Step One: Chrome. Step Two: Go to Media Hint. It’s pretty straight forward: install the extension for which ever browser you are using.
– Alan Parry, Junkee

The Next Web

Media Hint is a new service from Garage 48 that claims to let you use Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, and Rdio from any country. Since I’m based in Canada, I was immediately intrigued. I was skeptical, but I hit the “Add To Chrome” button and headed to Hulu’s website. Sure enough, I was given an option to sign up, and minutes later I was watching an episode of Family Guy. Media Hint works as advertised.
– Emil Protalinski, The Next Web