How do I cancel the renewal of my paid subscription?

To cancel the renewal of your subscription, please log in to MediaHint ( In the “My Account” section, click on the “My Plan” tab. If you have subscribed to a monthly or annual MediaHint subscription, you will see either Premium or Annual followed by your next renewal date. Click the “Cancel Renewal” link in order […]

I accidentally cancelled my monthly renewal, how do I re-subscribe?

This happens occasionally and it’s very easy for you to sign up again. Depending on when you accidentally cancel, you’ve likely already paid for a month so your account will remain active for you to use until that 30 day period expires. After the expiration date, when you log into your MediaHint account again ( […]

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. We believe you’ll find MediaHint helpful to have all the time, but you can cancel the monthly or annual paid subscription at any time. If you cancel a monthly premium plan, you’ll be able to use the service for the remainder of the month for which you’ve already paid, but you will not be […]

How do I update my credit card information?

To change your payment information on file, please log in to MediaHint ( and navigate to the My Account section. Click on the tab that says “My Plan.” If you have subscribed to a monthly or annual MediaHint subscription, in the “Payment Information” section you will see your current payment information.         […]

How much does the Premium Plan cost?

Payment is a monthly subscription of $3.95 per month, or yearly subscription of $39.50 per year (a savings of $7.90).  By paying for our service you help the MediaHint project by helping us: 1. Provide better infrastructure [ You know, servers and all of the stuff that makes MediaHint work! ] 2. Give you better […]

How does the FREE 7 day trial work?

We offer a FREE 7 day trial so you can install MediaHint on your devices and test our service for free, without restrictions for seven days from when you signed up. Your 7 day free trial begins when you create a MediaHint account. You will automatically be taken to your “My Account” section where you’ll […]