Make sure you are logged in at and you have either a valid trial account (non-expired) or a paid subscription. Either MediaHint is not configured correctly on your device or the channel you’re trying to view is not supported. If you’re not sure you’re viewing a supported channel, please view our channel listings.

If you are using the browser extension or Windows application: Turn MediaHint to the off position, clear your browser cache and then turn the extension back on.  This will fetch the latest configuration.  Refresh your browser window or visit the site again and attempt to view the content.

If you are using the DNS configuration on any device: make sure that you have activated your current public IP address in the “DNS Settings” tab of “My Account.” This is what we use to verify your account on each of your devices. Also, confirm that you have set the MediaHint DNS in your device’s connection settings. For complete details, please see the setup instructions for your device.

If you continue to receive the same error message or you are unable to view the content, please submit a support request to MediaHint support by clicking the “Support” link at the bottom of